Monday, 8 April 2013

The Wind In The Willows

Ok! here it is my entry for the Penguin Design 
Award Competition. 
I really enjoyed developing this image, it reminds me 
of a little book I had when I was a child full of these 
'happy' colours. I wanted to create a watery scene 
that just makes you want to throw your socks off and 
dip your toes, as willow trees gently stroke the flowing
river as bursts of sunlight rain down like a waterfall
creating a shimmering world of reflection and relaxation....
Oh my I need to get out of the studio!
Mr Toad who sings care-free whilst pulling the petals off 
a water lilly, reminds me of my step father who would often 
race around town in his Alfa Romao Spider tooting his horn 
loudly, shouting, "Make way for a navel officer!" 
So Toad is very close to my heart, although at the time I was a 
teenager and used to wish for the ground to just swallow me up!
Wind in the Willows is one of the best stories and E.H. Shepard 
an amazing illustrator...I just hope I have done them justice!