Monday, 4 February 2013

Foxy and the Nibbles

Ok now the show is up at FOYLES,
This week!! ( Get yourself along to see some
super lovely illustrations,) I have a minute
to pop some images up... This is my cover
for my book... I am afraid that my dummy
book is not quite so well made as others
but it was made with love...and a lot of...
printer ink. That's all I'm saying...
*wipes brow*

Bunting makes the world go round... possibly? makes me happy.
I managed to pin some to my shelf
at the MA show *essential*

What I did this weekend...

Playing about this weekend I came up with this
lot whilst trying to figure out what to do for the
Wind in the Willows Penguin Design comp this
year while I can still enter... I think?
Just makes me want to go outside.