Sunday, 20 January 2013

My MA Final - Foxy

Me and this little guy have spent a lot of time 
together recently but I am really pleased with 
the outcome and will add more when I have 
completed the exhibition. To see more you will
have to come to Foyles 4-9th Feb 2013.

A book mark for all your book marking needs.
What! you have a Kindle! Grrr *shakes fist *

Little Birds Logo

Note paper design

 Little birds

For my MA final I have been working on a story
which includes this little bird.


This chap is from another story in progress.

The Children's Book MA Illustration show 4th-9th Feb at Foyles

I hear there is an MA show coming soon...Eek!
(portfolio images flying everywhere, printer
running on the fumes of ink! What! Jessops
has gone bust! but I bought my printing paper there! Aggh!)
some amazing illustrators will exhibiting please do come and see!


I am never happier than when I am
creating graphical children's

Typography images

You may need to get your eyes tested after
looking at these they are a little zingy but I 
think we can all agree eye catching!

Ending on a more soothing note for baby lotion.

One for the girls


On the theme of Boys

Dancing cacti and socks 
important when celebrating 

Milk is good for you!

Having a play with type again
I like this young man's moustache!


I loved this chap he generally likes to be sticky 
the story still has to be worked on. 
I had problems scanning these as they were A2
and the colours have come out a little too

Tea bag elephant

Amazingly enough I threw down a herbal teabag
a while ago and this little elephant, who I think
is chasing a rogue peanut came to live from the page.
I will add more to this as I got quite carried away
and drank quite a lot of tea to boot!
Grimm's Final Cover

I was really happy with my final design
it incorporated the beauty of fashion
illustration with the wonderful world of Grimm's.
I also found some amazing old paper for the background
which had once been in a book that had been used to collect
lots of different Moss's from New Zealand and they had
imprinted on the paper which again I felt gave a very
'woodsy' feel to the image.
Initial stages of the cover

I loved creating the hand painted typography
for this cover.
Grimm's Fairy Tales Ideas

Grimm's wouldn't be Grimm's without a Wicked Queen and a few fairies
so I decided to indulge myself.

I rather like the idea of a fairy musing her day whilst on a toadstool.

Beautiful fairies dashing for a gathering in the woods

 ... and of course a castle hidden away in the far away realms is a must.

Grimm's Fairy Tales - Design Award Competition

I created many versions on my way to the final image
I was quite happy with the results of this Wolf running
as there always seems to be someone running from one
of the tricky blighters in the fairy tales.