Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bees and honey make the world go yummy!

This is a super colourful image I have been
working on inspired by my favourite
Jordans Crunch Bar... Honey and Almond
I hand drew the type, did some stuff to it and
hey presto!


Boy in sticky yukky mud

In my investigations in to how to develop ideas for Darwin
I took some really close up photos of mud and countryside
and then added the drawing into the image.

I love this picture because this is exactly how I was when
I was a little girl, my best friend Rachel would take me on
adventure after adventure inevitably getting lost and having to
traverse something awful, possibly with barbed wire attached!

Charlie Darwin

Charlie Darwin

This was part of my college project I found a super site
written Stephen Montgomery and team when they were at
Cambridge University. So inspired with the writing I based
my college project on it and these are some of the results.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Rain, rain go away...

A quick illustration I did for #scribblesaturday
posted by @HelloBroccoli on Twitter.
I created the raindrops seperately so
I had a play and decided the little pig looked better
surrounded by rainbow raindrops!