Friday, 11 November 2011

My Frozen Planet Obsession...

Here is the poor little penguin hurrying to make the nest

Here is the bad, bad penguin tooo lazy to make his 
own nest so he decides to turn to a life of crime....

While the little penguin is busy picking up rocks for his nest...
The thief is busy pilfering over at #3874 Penguin Cottage...

The thief looks over his shoulder... something that he will
have to do for a lifetime now he has started on this
slippery slope! (no pun intended:)

Caught!!! Little penguin muses over familiar 
looking rocks but then gets chased away by the thief...Now proud of
his stolen premises.

Poor penguin.

Mind you if you ask me I would be making my nest out of
something a little softer but I suppose there isn't much 
Choice in the Artic (or was it Antarctica)??

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