Monday, 28 November 2011

monkey hairdressers

This little chap was very busy
grooming his fellow monkey
very very deep concentration.
I think they would make super
piano players...

Lions and lionesses

Lioness studies

  Everyone gets peckish its true...

 Studies for lion character.

 Very proud as he over sees his kingdom.

Ideas for lions


Mummy hyena, spelt incorrectly above whoops.
their heads are a little like coconuts it has to be
said... and her baby, much sweeter when little.

Baby giraffe takes a nap

Little baby giraffe, shhhh sleep quietly and
dream of beautiful things...

I shall not mention what happened
during her nap...*sobbing quietly*

However on the hotter side of the planet...

To go to extremes and warm up a bit
I started on an African sketch book too
not wanting to ignore the very interesting
crew of animals over there like Mr Crocodile
here ...brrr actually he has quite a chilling look.

Flipperty Flopperty


It is correct to assume I am obsessed by drawing
penguins from behind whilst they are going about 
their penguiny's just so funny.
This one was running over rocks hence the very
flipperty flopperty body and wings going
every where

Polar bear and snowflakes

Polar Bear + Snowflakes
My image for my frozen planet sketches,
a polar bear sweeping snowflakes off his lap
which fall all around the world. 
ahhh... I can hear them landing so softly

Musk Oxen

Mr. Musk oxen
This rather hairy oxen was just off for a quick fight.
What I found really sweet about these chaps
was that their feet look really tiny dashing them forward.
I am sure their legs are huge but under all that hair ...
they look dainty.

Polar bears have fun in the sun

Click to enlarge

Polar bears having fun in the summer sun.
Swimming and just chillin' in the warmth
There were lots of floating things in the air
which I like to think maybe dandelion seeds
but I actually think they may have been
midges... but lets go with dandelion fluff.

Cheeky chap

click to enlarge

This one appeared to have a big smile on his face

Penguin bebe's

Monday, 14 November 2011

Sea snail

Sea Snail.

Cool,...a snail with wings! Say no more.

Fairy nuff...

Fairy nuff...

Ok so this is not my Frozen planet sketches
but I quite liked this fairy sprinkling her pollen.
Probably trying to irritate some poor hayfever
sufferer as fairies can be quite naughty in a
very delicate way.

Friday, 11 November 2011

There is more to come in my sketch dialogue of Frozen Planet but I keep having to have therapy to get over the dreadful killing of small baby innocents... still haven't got over the seal and the Killer Whale... if you saw it you will know what I am talking about!! silently cries into a cushion.

My Frozen Planet Obsession...

Here is the poor little penguin hurrying to make the nest

Here is the bad, bad penguin tooo lazy to make his 
own nest so he decides to turn to a life of crime....

While the little penguin is busy picking up rocks for his nest...
The thief is busy pilfering over at #3874 Penguin Cottage...

The thief looks over his shoulder... something that he will
have to do for a lifetime now he has started on this
slippery slope! (no pun intended:)

Caught!!! Little penguin muses over familiar 
looking rocks but then gets chased away by the thief...Now proud of
his stolen premises.

Poor penguin.

Mind you if you ask me I would be making my nest out of
something a little softer but I suppose there isn't much 
Choice in the Artic (or was it Antarctica)??

Friday, 4 November 2011

Christmas card design

Christmas Card Design
Here is a pic I was thinking of using for my card.
Bunnies are always running in gangs and looking shifty
Hence my bad bun...


Hey everyone.
OK as I start my second year of my MA course in Children's Illustration
I am going to start a blog solely dedicated to that. 
I have numerous other blogs and websites as I have been illustrating 
for quite a while but this will be my drawings and ramblings as I decline in to 
an illustrative madness.