Friday, 12 July 2013

You are Excellent...

A Friday doodle, sometimes we all need to be reminded 
that we are excellent...even penguins.

Monday, 8 April 2013

The Wind In The Willows

Ok! here it is my entry for the Penguin Design 
Award Competition. 
I really enjoyed developing this image, it reminds me 
of a little book I had when I was a child full of these 
'happy' colours. I wanted to create a watery scene 
that just makes you want to throw your socks off and 
dip your toes, as willow trees gently stroke the flowing
river as bursts of sunlight rain down like a waterfall
creating a shimmering world of reflection and relaxation....
Oh my I need to get out of the studio!
Mr Toad who sings care-free whilst pulling the petals off 
a water lilly, reminds me of my step father who would often 
race around town in his Alfa Romao Spider tooting his horn 
loudly, shouting, "Make way for a navel officer!" 
So Toad is very close to my heart, although at the time I was a 
teenager and used to wish for the ground to just swallow me up!
Wind in the Willows is one of the best stories and E.H. Shepard 
an amazing illustrator...I just hope I have done them justice!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Bird Song

Lots of Tweeting This Morning - ( but not on twitter )

Every spring these little birds arrive in the trees
and really have a hearty tweet. Whilst walking
Mac and Dotty this morning there was this
amazing opera of birdsong happening and
what makes it really super is that the birds are so
tiny but there are so many. Closing my eyes
( Yes, I am that embarrassing! hence why teens
won't walk with me! )
I can almost imagine I am some where quite
tropical indeed.
This was in stark contrast with seeing a buzzard
just sat in the field watching the rabbit holes...
waiting for brunch! Ah! Nature so beautiful
and yet so dangerous.

Friday, 8 March 2013

The Inquisitive Fox

'Trying to understand the quirks of human nature!'
My Jack Russell, Mac, does a lot of head
on one side when looking at me especially
when I'm squeaking *"CHEEZIES" in a
certain voice, ( *dog owners will Totally
know which 'voice' I am referring to
here! ) the one you can't let visitors
of a serious nature know you do behind
closed doors to your pooches!

Foxy sketches

Snoozing Fox

Prior to going digital with my
MA story, I did lots of drawings.
I love the idea that as a Fox you
can rest your long nose on your 
bushy tail. Must be super Comfy!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Foxy and the Nibbles

Ok now the show is up at FOYLES,
This week!! ( Get yourself along to see some
super lovely illustrations,) I have a minute
to pop some images up... This is my cover
for my book... I am afraid that my dummy
book is not quite so well made as others
but it was made with love...and a lot of...
printer ink. That's all I'm saying...
*wipes brow*

Bunting makes the world go round... possibly? makes me happy.
I managed to pin some to my shelf
at the MA show *essential*